Friday, April 15, 2011

Sorry for the Late Post - We've Been Tied Up

(Not literally.)

Sarah is learning to tie her shoes.  (This has nothing to do with my late blog post but I thought it made for a catchy title.)

Tying her shoes makes Sarah very proud of herself.  On a warm day a few days ago, she tied up her shoes and we headed to the park.  The thing is, she was putting some loop in some wrong spot and her shoelaces were constantly in need of being retied and I was not allowed to help.  At all.  After an hour of this, I was practically begging "Just let me show you really quick where to put that loop.  Please."


But a few hours later she was ready for me to show her how to get those shoes to stay tied.  I showed her and now she can get them to stay tied a little longer.  It is very exciting.

This little experience has me thinking about the many, many mistakes she will make in life and how she's not going to want my help.  I'm just going to have to sit there and watch her trip and fall.  Yipes.