Friday, March 4, 2011

A Book Called: Things I Will Never Ever Do When I Have a Child

OK.  See the title of my post today?  If I wrote that book before Sarah was born it would be a big, thick book. A big thick book of lots and lots of things I would never ever do -- all of which I have done.

Today at lunch I was chatting with another mom about the relatively poor food options available for our kids when they go to school next fall.  We discussed that the things they are feeding the children really do not seem very nutritious.  Would you like to know where we were having this conversation?  McDonalds.  And to make it even better, the kids were eating Happy Meals, and the Happy Meal toy was a Barbie.

This was the lunch of my child who was exclusively breastfed for 8 months and then ate only organic baby food.  My child who now likes to eat those fruit snacks that don't contain any fruit.  My child who only eats white bread.

Now when we shop, she hangs from the side of the shopping cart at Target.  She uses the playground equipment in all the dangerous ways that used to horrify me back when I was pushing her on the baby swing which I had padded with a cloth diaper to make it more safe.

Most moms I know have a long list of things they vowed they would never ever do and then they did. At least it gave us a good jumping off point.  OK, so my daughter eats those crappy fruit snacks, but she also eats tofu.  She leaps off the top of the slide, but also will gladly tell another child that throwing sand is not nice.  She plays with Barbie but so far has not copied her outfits.

My new list of things I would never, ever do as a parent is quite short.  Pass the McNuggets.

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