Monday, August 24, 2015

Go Fourth!

Sarah started fourth grade today.  It seems impossible to me that she is nine.  The other day, Sarah enthusiastically tried on eye shadow for fun, had her nails done, then came home and played with dolls and her Easy Bake Oven.  This age has a little of everything which I am enjoying almost 97% of the time.  Here's a quick update:

--When I woke her up this morning she wanted to sleep for "five more minutes."  This is a new development.  Sarah has been an early riser for her entire life and now she's starting to want to sleep later in the morning.

--Luckily, she was excited to get up so she could don her new outfit from Justice.  Going to stores and trying on clothes is also new.  Although we don't buy her a ton of clothes, Sarah has spent approximately 278 hours this summer trying things on and looking at herself in the 3-way mirror.

--Sarah was excited to pack her own lunch.  Until last night.  Last night she said "You don't expect me to pack it every day, do you?!"  This statement bore the Tweeny Edge that many of her statements have these days.  The Tweeny Edge is also new in our house.  Many of our conversations end with the word "Fine."  Not like "Fine, thanks!" but "Fine!"  Like "Fine, have it your way" which currently I still am about most things despite the Tweeny Edge.

--Her sporty-ness continues to mystify and amaze us.  For example, she can climb to the top of our rope swing and ring the cowbell.  None of the neighborhood boys (in whom she has a mild new interest) can do this which makes her really happy.  It makes them really sad which also makes her pretty happy.

Afternoon Update -- Sarah came home from school and enthusiastically told me her teacher is "The best teacher ever." (No Tweeny Edge!)  She has said on the first day of school every year but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Have a great year, my big girl.

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