Friday, February 18, 2011

Dr. Who?!

Lots of people have asked Sarah what she wants for her birthday.  Her answer?  Barbie.

Now you may recall that Sarah actually received a Barbie for the holidays.  Eric went and bought her a Barbie  -- oops I mean Santa gave her Barbie.  But Santa/Eric got the brunette Barbie thinking it was somehow less egregious than the classic blonde Barbie.  Sarah opened the brunette Barbie and smiled weakly.  We have actually practiced polite gift opening and she was polite but poor brunette Barbie was sent to live with the other misfit toys.

That was not Barbie.

Yesterday, one of Sarah's grandpas gave her "I Can Be a Pediatrician Barbie" and she was the real deal. Don't be fooled by her career...

She is totally glamorous!  I hope our actual pediatrician doesn't start dressing in this type of outfit  (although she could totally pull it off -- you go Dr. Robinson!)  

Sarah seems quite unaware that Barbie looks a little trashy and is having fun pretending she is a doctor to her one little patient.  Please join me in hoping the "you can be a doctor" message overrides the horror of those shoes.

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