Monday, February 28, 2011

More Things I Like

My blog seemed silly to me lately.

I am extremely grateful for the general dullness of life at the moment (ever try to type while knocking wood?  It isn't easy.)  Things are fine and all is well but it doesn't seem to give me a whole lot to write about.

But I am enjoying keeping this blog so I thought this Oprah-inspired post might get me moving again.

Here are some things I like:
-I-Pass - I can't even begin to tell you how many fistfulls of change I have unsuccessfully tossed at one of those toll baskets.  The State of Illinois must have collected hundreds of dollars in loose coins from the ground during the years when I used to teach a night class and tried to fling my toll money in a state of total exhaustion.  And if that little white I-Pass box is stealing my identity I'm just fine with that.
-Magic Bullet - This poorly named little blender is one of the few infomercial items that I have really enjoyed.  (You'll note I didn't say it's the only one I've purchased.)   It's totally fun to make a little smoothie and then drink it right from the same cup.  You can also do that with a regular blender but it would look like you've really sunk to a new low.
-The Amazing Race - Watching people race around the world while performing little stunts (luge!) and tasks (shop for groceries in a remote local market without signs!) is a totally entertaining way to spend an hour.  I will freely admit that Eric and I can never, ever, ever go on this show because he is way too slow and I am way too afraid of heights.  Also, we enjoy being married and we would like to stay that way.  But watching other people melt down is loads of fun.  (Hey - they volunteered.)
-Washable Glitter Glue - I'm happy my daughter enjoys art and I'm also happy that I don't have to cringe while she creates.

That's it for now.  Muse, let's get moving.

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