Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re: Entry

Reentry from any trip is a shock.  We just spent 5 days in theme parks with pre-paid meals and princesses around every corner.  (More about that in a day or two!)  The trip was wonderfully surreal and we had gotten used to seeing Chip and Dale randomly throughout the day.

Now we're back.  We rode back from O'Hare with our insurance agent who thankfully did not try to sell us more life insurance.  This shared ride was a coincidence -- we don't usually hang out with our insurance agent but did make us understand that running into Chip and Dale was over and we were back to reality.

So it's a blizzard and it isn't pretend either.  Eric is working at Disney on Ice and he's stranded downtown.  Sarah and I have big plans tomorrow which involve eating popcorn (Jiffy Pop, baby!) and watching movies in our Snuggies.

Stay safe everyone.

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