Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fine Thanks!

I had an appointment today with my allergist.  I go to her office monthly to get shots which are given by some nice chatty nurses but I only have to see the doctor about once a year.

I had a busy morning of teaching and talking to various students (including one who seemed genuinely excited that he still might be able to squeak by with a D-.)  Even though the morning was fine, I had a headache when I headed over to my appointment.  The nurse who takes my blood pressure asks the same screening questions every month, including one about whether or not I am in any pain.  I was stupidly excited because I realized this month I could mention my headache and I also stupidly (and incorrectly) thought they would offer me some Tylenol or something.  Apparently the nice chatty nurses just ask about your pain to make conversation.

On the way over to get my shots, I mentioned in an equally chatty fashion that I had an asthma attack while I was teaching and my students seemed quite relieved we could take a break from discussing The Aeneid so I could have a little shot from my inhaler.  Funny! Or not.  The nurse stopped walking and said "Oh my God!  Are you OK?"  Clearly I was OK since after the asthma thing I taught for 3 1/2 hours and then drove 45 miles.

After the remaining nurses took turns asking me if I was OK, they zipped me in to see the doctor who asked me if I was OK.  (Apparently this question is a powerful diagnostic tool.)  After the doctor actually examined me she determined that I was OK and she started asking me why I had the asthma attack.  I answered that I must have been allergic to something.  She smiled and said "Hmmmm!" which I took to mean that that was not the right answer.  She asked a ton of other questions and I answered those wrong too.  She seemed to get increasingly irritated when I kept mentioning my allergies despite the fact that she is, in fact, an allergist.

I tried changing the subject a few times and finally mentioned that Sarah was playing t-ball.  Bingo!!  And I was outta there with the usual collection of samples including (score!) a fancy new neti pot.  (You have to have allergies to fully understand why a neti pot is exciting.)

I feel very fortunate that I don't get sick very much.  I also feel fortunate (or something) that I can't spend very much time thinking about it if I do get sick.  The allergist was annoyed that I didn't have better personal health insights but I actually felt fine and she eventually did begrudgingly admit that maybe just maybe it was some allergy thing after all.

The main lesson was, when they ask those screening questions, I should just keep my mouth shut or I'll have to come back next week for the shots they refused to give me this week and I'll have to pay another three bucks for parking.

I'm OK.  You?

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