Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day - Part II

I'm really struggling with the Mother's Day ads this year and I'm sad that I still feel sad.  

When she was alive my mother was not a fan of Mother's Day which she referred to as a Hallmark Holiday.  She liked getting cards though, and she liked it when we all came over.  

Sarah does not remember her but she misses her anyway and sometimes mentions that she really wishes she could have a grandma.  I remind her of all the people in her life who love her but I know this sounds insincere, even to a five year-old.  I wish she could have a grandma too.

Yesterday I noticed that a lot of people on Facebook have changed their profile pictures to a picture of their moms.  This is a nice idea I suppose but I'm not doing it because my mother wouldn't like it.  She was very private.  She was also not big on technology -- she didn't pump her own gas or even use the ATM very often.

So, the ads.  The ads remind me that Mother's Day is a Hallmark Holiday after all and, although I believe she is in a better place, I know mom would rather be here this Mother's Day, and I miss her every day.

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