Sunday, May 1, 2011

Play Ball!

(Side Note - I am planning to blog every day in May.)

Sarah is playing t-ball this spring.  I was never involved in organized sports (or any other sports for that matter)  so signing her up for something like this took a while.  Sarah ended up on a team with only two other kids she knows.  Initially, this caused me great anxiety but she was totally fine with it so there you go.

There are only two girls on the team.  This seemed like a disadvantage but boy, it sure is not.  The brave, patient, kind coaches have got to find it nearly impossible to tell the boys apart.  As a result, when they need anybody to do anything, they just say "Hey Sarah, you want to practice batting?"  "Sarah, do you want to practice throwing with, um, that kid?"  "Nice hit, Sarah!"  

And she eats it up.  

The other girl on the team is a born athlete.  When the team was practicing throwing, the other kids would cower and duck when she fired the ball in their general direction.  When playing first base, she made damn sure to tag each batter when the ball eventually made its way to her, despite the fact that there are no outs in t-ball.  She slid into home plate when she was up to bat.  

Girl Power!!

The game itself was fun and the kids really seemed to try very hard.  It is very cute to watch.  The batting helmets look enormous on their heads.  The coaches seem to be working very hard to teach the kids baseball skills and Sarah can already throw a ball much better that I ever have. The "high fives" and "good games" the teams passed to each other at the end of the morning are very sincere.  

Stay tuned....

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