Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cheap Thrills

We told Sarah today.  She now knows we're going to Disney World.  I was really excited to tell her and also I really want to start packing.  (I'm one of those people who likes packing in advance.)

Her first reaction was horror that she would miss school.  This made me happy that she likes school so much but also a little sad that we spent a lot of money for this trip and our child would rather stay here and do an art project.

This reminded me of Sarah's birthday last year.  We had a party at My Gym with 20 children, homemade (by me) cupcakes, goody bags, etc.  The advantage to a party at My Gym is that the staff entertains the kids while the parents stand around and drink coffee.  The staff also serves the cupcakes, cleans up, and loads all the gifts into a big garbage bag so you can take them home and open them later.

A week or so before this shindig (which required a non-refundable deposit) we went to a gathering at our synagogue.  They sang happy birthday to all the February birthdays and then served a cake from the Sara Lee outlet which looked just exactly like you'd imagine an outlet cake to look.  On the way home, Sarah remarked that she sure had a wonderful time at her birthday party.


(Just so the story won't have a totally sad ending, she also had a good time at her actual birthday party.)

But I have to remember, all these things we are doing are really for us.  WE want to go to Disney World.  SHE would be happy with a big piece of bubble wrap and a few friends to help her jump on it.

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