Friday, January 7, 2011

J-Term 2011 -The Week One Report

OK - Here are some general observations in no particular order:

-As always, I am very lucky to have an opportunity to teach something about which I am so passionate.  I practically skipped into my classroom on the first day.

-My students are awesome.  Every single one of them came to each and every class this week and they were on time and ready to learn.  And they have a sense of humor and participate in class.  Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

-The commute was likewise dreamy.  That extra time on the train to get work done is nice.  The time to chat with my friend Maria is also nice.

-My packed lunches started off strong but by today (only day 4) not so much.  The sad reality is that I must grocery shop this weekend.  I will have to violate my "no grocery shopping on the weekend unless it is a dire emergency" policy.  On a more cheerful note, the company at lunch is great.

-Our guest speaker today was inspiring and now that I think about it l'm ashamed I mentioned I was unsatisfied with my lunch.

-I was thrown by the 4-day week and I spent some time in class today more or less barking information at my students.  "Wait, don't leave until I tell you one more thing!"  They were good sports about it.  I gave them a huge reading assignment and I have a similarly huge amount of work to do.  Too bad we're not all living together in that Princess castle.  We could have popcorn.

-Blogging is actually pretty fun.

-Eric's week was certainly more difficult than my week and Sarah looking a little bedraggled.  (This afternoon she was sporting an attractive "one braid, one pigtail" hairstyle.)  But they deserve their own post, so stay tuned for that.

Remind me to tell you about the kitchen clock falling off the wall.

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