Saturday, January 22, 2011

Magical Update

Vacation Update - I'm trying not to overpack for our trip to Disney World.  This is no easy task.  Several members of the Polley family like to bring a lot of stuff on vacation.  You can try to guess which ones and I'll give you hint -- it is the family members who are not me.

I spent some time today trying to thin down the number of princess accessories (hers) and the amount of gadgets (his) when I remembered we have The Disney Magical Express!

This is by far the best travel invention ever.  Here's how it works.  We got magical yellow tags from Disney to stick on our luggage.  When we get to O'Hare, we'll hand our luggage to a person at the curb and it (we hope) will go on its happy little way to Orlando.  We'll go and get on the plane.  When we get to Orlando, we'll scamper over to the Magical Express Bus and ride without our luggage to our hotel watching promotional Disney videos that are (I'm guessing) designed to brainwash my child into wanting things from the 10,000 Magic Kingdom gift shops.  The luggage will get there on its own somehow and a nice person will bring it up to our room.  On the way home, the whole thing will happen in reverse and our luggage will arrive in Chicago.  Yay!

The moral to this story?  Polley family - pack as much crap as you want as long as it doesn't weigh over 50 pounds!  We're going on vacation!

Hmmm - Do you think it would be possible for a person who weighs 36 pounds to pack over 50 pounds of stuff?  Stay tuned.

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