Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun at a Price

January is fun for me.  I get to teach everyday.  I have a chance to eat lunch with friends.  I get to ride public transportation.  I get to teach subject matter that is important to me.

Of course there is a down side.  I end up having to plan class in the afternoon when I am stupid or in the evening when I'm even stupider.  My house is a total mess.  The weekends are anything but restful.

I wouldn't say my child has suffered although Eric has done the lion's share of childcare this month.  Sarah  loves her daddy but I'm missing out.  I am only support staff when it comes to parenting this month.  I think the extent of my quality time with my child today consisted of me putting a Hello Kitty temporary tattoo on her while I was writing an exam at the same time.  This feels like a pretty big price to pay.

Almost every mom I know talks about trying to achieve the balance between motherhood and work.  Almost no mom I know has achieved that balance.

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