Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Packing it In

Wow - these days are really full. I was heartened to learn that J-Term is actually shorter this year and it is not just my imagination.

I would like someone to volunteer to do the following for me:
-Pack lunches
-Do laundry
-Do the dishes
-Grocery shop
-Choose clothing
-Go through the mail
-Find my sunglasses

It seems I need "Part-Time Working Marla" (PTWM) to come and help "Full-Time Working Marla" (FTWM) with all this stuff. PTWM usually fits is all in.  FTWM is a whole lot busier, enjoys working a lot more but also feels a lot guiltier.


  1. -How about peanut butter and jelly?
    -I washed clothes the other day. And sheets.
    -I did dishes the other day too
    -I bought apples and noodles the other day.
    -Everyone can wear whatever they want. It's the
    new world.
    -We just got ads and magazines.
    -can't help you there, I was going to
    ask you about mine

  2. In response to Eric's Comment:

    The laundry score is about 175 - 2
    The dish score is 362 - 3
    But thanks very much for doing those things. It really does help.