Monday, January 17, 2011

Tough Love

If you want to see a group of adults snap into line, just hang around our preschool.

Lois Wall is the director of Northminster Nursery School. She has been at this job for years and that school runs like clockwork.   Nobody messes with her.  (I've heard her tell the kids the story of Johnny Appleseed and I think she was probably right there to tell old Johnny to get off his butt and get some trees planted.)  Here are just a few of her important rules which we all follow (and we pity the parents who don't):
-Lois does not approve of us jaywalking with the children.  If you park across the street, you had damn well better walk down to the corner to cross the street.
-Lois wants all the children to dress warmly and she does not think scarves are a good idea (I've enjoyed her annual Isadora Duncan remark in the newsletter.)
-You think you don't have time to attend the fundraiser?  Think again.

I was a little weepy when I dropped Sarah off on the first day of school last year.  Lois told me to "Just go home.  She'll be fine."  A hug?  Not so much.  I'm a little ashamed to tell you that Lois has told me to "snap out of it" at least a dozen times it in a variety of ways these last few years.

But here are the three most important things:
-Nothing is more important to Lois than the kids, and that preschool is great.
-Northminster got Sarah ready for kindergarten.
-Lois got me ready for kindergarten.

I'm going to miss her.

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